Are meals and snacks served?

The Growing Tree serves two nutritious snacks each day (one in the morning and one in the afternoon). Lunches are catered from a local restaurant and can be purchased each day for $2.50. Children may also choose to bring their lunch from home. 

Do you follow the same schedule as public schools?

No. The Growing Tree is open except during extreme weather conditions. If you are uncertain, listen to WKSR for an announcement. If there is none, assume that we are open.

Do you take drop-in children?

No. Our students must be registered and follow a regular weekly schedule to attend.

Do you accept debit or credit cards?

Not at this time. We prefer check payments. If you must make a cash payment, please bring in the exact amount or we will apply any extra amount to your child’s account.

Do siblings receive a discount?

Yes. If there is more than one child from the family in the program, a $2.00 per day discount will be given on full day rates for 5 days per week or $1.00 per day discount will be given on either 2 or 3 full days per week. There is no discount on less than full day attendance. The discount will be given only on the children other than the first attending child.

Do you have a waiting list?

Many of our age groups do have a waiting list. However, we do recommend that you call and check the status of the age group in question.

When can I place my child on your waiting list?

Your child is never too young to be placed on our enrollment list. There is no cost and no obligation. Many mothers call when they find out that they are expecting and place their anticipated baby on our waiting list.

What fees are charged to get my child started?

Your child must pay a yearly registration fee (currently $35.00) and a deposit equal to one week’s tuition.

Do you accept children with special needs?

Children with special requirements may be accepted if provided with a full-time assistant (paid by parents) and/or if there are reasonable accommodations the school can make to provide adequate or safe care for the child.